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August 19 2017

sind es kekse die auch im weltraum funktionieren?

well, first of all, i don't care much for 'tolerance'. people without arachnophobia are 'tolerant' towards spiders, but that's just because nothing is particularly wrong with them. tolerance towards things that aren't wrong is just a reasonable response. tolerance towards violence on the other hand is not reasonable.

secondly there is a bit diffence between slaves/hostages being 'imported' and people immigrating to seek a better life or fleeing to survive. you didn't seem to acknowlege that difference.

my other point was that the evils of islamism aren't stopped by taking people's right of movement. if anything you change the possible victims. but also a liberal society is much more likely to fight islamic violence and indoctrination than middle-eatern theocracy or autocracy..

that's why i asked "would you become more tolerant if we export you?" you acted as if 'imporing people' causes intolerance, so i suggested exporting them instead.

i hope you're still not there yet. but yeah, converts are one of the many reasons why nationalism doesn't solve islam. the other would be islamic counties, of course.
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this is the most powerful image on the internet.. reblog to join the circle


It’s so powerful that it’s trembling

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Édouard Bisson

French, 1856-1939

A Young Beauty with a Wreath of Roses

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August 18 2017

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backpfeifing doesn't involve fists, tho..
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