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April 25 2017

austria worse than poland? :o
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Equestrian Lifestyle Magazine

Sometimes I wonder why it’s so common for people to be afraid of horses and then I remember things like this


me before entering stage



I worked with toddlers and pre schoolers for three years. Sometimes I accidentally slip and tell a friend to say bye to an inanimate object (“say bye bus!”) & occasionally they unthinkingly just do it.

I’m glad there’s a teacher version of “accidentally called teacher ‘mom’”

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I have been saving this since last year. Happy Earth Day everyone.

literally has been in my queue for an entire year. you just can’t miss reblogging.

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you’ve been visited by money birb. reblog and good fortune will come your way.

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About 1 kg of chalk via ifmiguy4eooy.png (1125×2409)
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Was walking by a grooming salon and saw this amazing sign 👍🏻

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“I really need to touch dis.” [full video]

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everybody is a sausage
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This Penguin Robot Acts As A Spy To Help Study The Shy Emperor Penguins

my sister literally was telling me about this last night. The baby penguins SANG to the robot. ::dies of cute::
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