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June 28 2017

yeah okay, but the image wasn't defending marxism against reasonable criticism either, it was just against conservative red scare bullshit. :P
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When the dev is tired of your shit

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CycleGAN feedback loop

Visual experiment by @mario-klingemann resembles a combination of DeepDream and cellular automata, generating abstract patterns with facial features:

Two CycleGAN models trained on face transformations are passing their outputs back and forth creating an infinite loop of ever-changing Turing patterns. 

This is an experiment where 2 CycleGAN models are pitted against each other and transform their reciprocal output images in a feedback loop. The models have originally been trained on transforming faces which is why you see a lot of eyes and noses being generated.

The process is seeded with an initial image but it quickly descends into a semi-stable state that reminds of complex cellular automata or Turing patterns.

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I looked through four photo albums just to find this picture of my dad from the eighties when he was living in england. It was worth it.

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1984 bookcover by Patrick Pichler & Wolfgang Warzilek
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June 27 2017

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öh, warum? sollte das nicht gehen? :o
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This lamppost focuses the sun and scorches a line in the grass.
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Listen carefully to the part where he talks about not siding with the ones "protecting" rights of blacks, or gays, or whatever.

ah, so that's what you mean..

well, the way i see it, this refers to the specific situation in question: you can either choose to criticise the act of this professor using saying somewhat racist things. you can stay silent or you can criticise the ones who complain about such speech.. and you will make a choice on that. so in that way you pick a side on the specific situation. or you align yourself on a spectrum or whatever..

what i thought what you mean was something much more permanent division into antagonistc camps of people who can't have useful discussions anymore. that's the shit we should try to avoid, not the fact that we make choices that have an effect on who is willing to partake in our conversations..

and yeah, Shoe0nHead has a striking resemblence to boxxy 😉. and if course i like that the discussion is opening up.. i've seen Sargon having civil discussions, but his usual format are these 8-minute-hate pieces where he uninformedly just rants on random news articles and just blames every fucking thing on feminism and "social justice".. and he wrote some pretty awful things to some people. so i'd hope tries to be a bit better now, but i'm not sure how likely that is.

also i want non-idiot JonTron back. 😭

and i prepared an answer to your other (old) comment about racism and stuff.. i hope i'll post it in time..

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